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  • Wilson Reading System

    Virtual WRS Advanced Strategies for MSL Group Instruction – Sept 20-22, 2022

    This three-day (15-hour) workshop delves into essential techniques and strategies to improve all aspects of Wilson Reading System® (WRS) group instruction through hands-on practice and discussion, and prepares participants for the Group Mastery Practicum.

    Please purchase your ticket/seat at least two weeks prior to a scheduled event to allow for shipping/distribution.

    $650.00 Ticket Detail
  • Wilson Reading System

    WRS Group Mastery Practicum

    This Wilson Reading System® (WRS) practicum requires successful delivery of a minimum of 50 lessons to an approved group of three to six students. All students in the group must reach Substep 3.1 or higher, and at least three videoed lessons must be submitted for review and feedback. Learn more about program requirements and materials.

    $1,400.00 Ticket Detail