Wilson Reading System (WRS) Level 1 Certification with Web Practicum


The WRS Level I Certification program is designed to prepare teachers to effectively implement WRS Steps 1-6 with students who are reading and spelling below grade level as well as those diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia.

NEW! We now offer the option of becoming part of a cohort and attending one start-up and five implementation meetings.

Date(s): Enrolling monthly (Please register by the 7th of each month to be a part of the cohort that will be created for that month.)
Location: Online
Prerequisite(s): Participants must have completed the WRS Introductory course within the last five years or by the start of the certification program. Participants should be reasonably comfortable with the use of computers, and meet the technical requirements.
Program Materials:
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This path to WRS® Level I Certification involves online coursework and live, web-based practicum observations with a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer.

WRS Level I Web Practicum involves online coursework and live web-based lesson observations with a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, and at minimum, a 65-lesson practicum with a student who is ranked in the 5th – 30th percentile in reading and spelling skills.

Level I Completion Requirements*

  • Completion of the WRS Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader: (Steps 1-6) Online Course within 12 months
  • Practicum: 1:1 Student Instruction with a minimum of 65 lessons of instruction with a lesson plan written for each lesson (student must be approved by Wilson Credentialed Trainer)
  • Completion of Technology Walk-Through Appointment with assigned Trainer
  • Five Teacher / Student Observations via Skype as scheduled by the Wilson® Credentialed Trainer (each observation approximately one hour in length)
  • Submission of all required paperwork associated with observation appointments as outlined in the web-based Practicum Observations Participant Guide
  • Pretesting report, including educational history and current test results of practicum student
  • Development of teacher’s and student’s notebook and student’s written work in accordance with WLT program standards
  • Demonstration of mastered lesson plan procedures (documented by Wilson® Credentialed Trainer)
  • Demonstration of understanding of language concepts through accurate teaching with multisensory procedures
  • Demonstration of student success and mastery of decoding/encoding skills
  • Posttesting and submission of practicum student report after a minimum of 65 lessons and achievement of WRS Step 4.2

Level I Practicum Student Selection Criteria

  • Student entering grades 4-12 (grade 3 approved if student has been retained)*
  • Overall cognitive ability in average range (minimum IQ = 80)
  • Overall reading must be ranked in the 5th – 30th percentile.
  • Student’s listening comprehension ability is higher compared to independent reading comprehension
  • Student has poor decoding and spelling
  • Student must be available to be scheduled at minimum three to four 45-minute lessons, two to three 60-minute lessons, or two to three 90-minute lessons (1:1) per week
  • The practicum student must not have any previous Wilson® instruction

The above criteria should be determined from school records and current testing. Testing for practicum student selection must be recent – completed within the last 6 months. The WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test) must be used along with a formal reading test. The Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests, WoodcockJohnson® III Tests of Achievement or Diagnostic Reading Battery, or Wechsler Individual Achievement Test® is recommended. A similar individualized reading assessment may be substituted if it provides information regarding decoding, comprehension and total reading.

The practicum situation works best when the selected student has a consistent attendance record and does not have overriding emotional or behavioral issues.

*Note. This requirement that the practicum student be entering grades 4-12 is necessary for the purposes of certified professional learning, so that students can meet other prerequisite requirements.

The practicum student must be approved by a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer before instruction begins.

Upon Completion

Participants who have demonstrated mastery of the Wilson® lesson plan, including multisensory techniques and effective strategies for working 1:1, will receive a WRS Level I certificate. Participants completing this program may represent themselves as WRS Level I certified tutors, but are not qualified as Wilson® Credentialed trainers.

Professional Development Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is offered for an additional fee through Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA.

For WRS Steps 1-3 and 4-6, participants enroll for graduate credit within 60 days after completing the applicable steps, topics, and assessments in the course syllabus (and participating in required threaded discussions).

For WRS Level I Practicum, participants enroll for graduate credit after completing all practicum requirements, including submission of the Practicum Final Report.

Should you choose to earn credit, you will register directly with FSU.

Please see Process for Graduate Credit for further details and pricing.

Technical Requirements for Online Observations

Visit WilsonLanguage.com for up-to-date technical specifications.

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